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Villa Franca Hotel Positano


The pool located on the rooftop boasting 360° views over the Mediterranean and Positano is an enchanted place. Here the sparkling blue sea meets the horizon in infinite shades of azure and the multicolored pastel houses offer an unforgettable experience. The refreshing sea breeze along with the scents of bougainvillea and citrus seem to arouse every sense.

Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca

Look the other ways and the views of the village of Positano will surprise you, Spiaggia Grande and its church on one side, Fornillo on the other. There is no better occasion to switch on your camera and start taking pictures. Alternatively, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your 5 senses transport you in a relaxing dimension.

Hotel Villa Franca

At O’RO Sky Terrace Cocktail Bar & Osteria, in the vicinity of the pool one can have a delicious informal lunch, based on Mediterranean cuisine of fresh fish and seafood, along with typical dishes from the Campania region, or a tasty snack.

Hotel Villa Franca

The entire gulf of Salerno and its crystal-clear cobalt blue waters spark bright like thousands of diamonds. This is the incredible view from this high-perched observatory, a heaven of tranquility in the heart of the action.

Hotel Villa Franca

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