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Villa Franca Hotel Positano

Covid Protocol

We have engaged with health & safety specialist Organizations & governing bodies within the Hospitality industry to make sure we protect our guests and staff alike.

Pledge & Commitment

Temperature checks take place for every individual entering the premises. Anyone with a body temperature over 37,5 °C or any sign of Covid-19 will not be allowed entry to the hotel to safeguard the wellbeing of guests and staff.
All Spa visitors are required to fill in a health questionnaire.
To adhere to the government rules and tracking system, all visitors must sign in, providing full identification, valid ID and contact details such as mobile phone. Details are kept for a minimum of 14 days.
We consider every member of the staff as our “hygiene ambassador”, available to answer any questions, sensitively communicate all hygiene measures to the guests, with the authority to enforce internal rules as part of their role to keep everyone safe.
We have chosen not to display visible distancing signage as our staff is present to indicate the regulations. In some cases, facilities could be out of operation.
All rooms are completely sanitized after every departure using professional cleaning and sanitization products, so is all the laundry and uniforms of our staff.


We have increased our cleaning and sanitization routines of key touch points in all high traffic areas. We have a dedicated sanitizing team member during regular operating hours.
Guests must clean and sanitize their hands upon entry in every department. Sanitization stations are available throughout the hotel.
Guests must wear a face mask in all public areas, indoor and outdoor. Complimentary disposable masks are at every guest’s disposal at the Reception Desk.
All items not easily sanitized such as room directory, menus, newspapers…. have been removed and replaced by digital format so that this does not affect the service provided and the comfort of your stay.
The gym and the treatment rooms are sanitized after every guest. Therefore, the reservation is compulsory to allow monitoring and avoid overcrowding that could facilitate contacts.
Guests must shower before treatment, before using the rooftop pool and the relaxing pool at the Spa. Only when governing bodies will allow regular use of the Turkish Bath, we will allow its regular use.

Temperature check

Everyone entering the premise must register providing full names, valid ID and contact details, have his body temperature registered, always use alcohol-base cleaning gel and wear a face mask. All sensitive information logged is kept for 2 weeks according to Italian regulations.

Safety equipment for guests and hotel staff

Specific personal protective equipment has been provided for hotel staff and a Safety Kit will be available for guests (face mask, disposable gloves and disinfectant gel). Guests will also find sanitizer gel dispensers in all public areas, bars and restaurants.

Cleaning & routine sanitation of the rooms

At each departure, the room and bathroom are completely sanitized and aired for at least 40 minutes. More frequent cleaning of air conditioning system. Both the inflow of external air and the frequency of cleaning the filters with the use of suitable disinfectant products have been maximized.

Frequent Cleaning & reorganization of common areas

All the common areas are sanitized several times a day with specific products. The areas have been reorganized to ensure social distancing and an adequate level of security. In this regard, staff have been instructed to make sure guests follow the social distancing rules to help them maintain the correct distance and follow the anti-contagion rules.

New service for Food & Beverage

We set up a private buffet breakfast at your table at the Incanto Lounge. Additional dishes are served à la carte. Breakfast is of course available in the comfort and privacy of your room through Room Service. All paper menus have been eliminated and replaced by digital formats.

Staff training

All Villa Franca personnel have been trained in relation to the new procedures and service standards required by the security protocol.

Involvement of suppliers & partners

Our suppliers and partners have adopted protocols and guidelines for the safety of guests and staff, through contactless and paperless deliveries.

Supervisory and Pending GBAC Star Certification

An internal Committee has been set up to verify the various stages of protocol implementation, to control, monitor and update activities. In addition, we are about to obtain a GBAC Star accreditation, meaning that the hotel has
- Established and maintained a cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program to minimize risks associated with infectious agents like coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).
- The proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices in place to combat biohazards and infectious disease.
- Highly informed cleaning professionals who are trained for outbreak and infectious disease preparation and response.

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