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Villa Franca Hotel Positano


If you enjoy being on a boat and desire to visit as much as you can (included hidden sites), a boat tour can be a great option, and will surely be the most memorable day of your vacation.

Experience the romantic Capri coastline or fall in love along the beauties of the Amalfi Coast… Get ready for a day of fun and relax, head to wonderful places for a swim, then let taste on of many highly-recommended beach restaurants. There area million of opportunities to create an amazing itinerary!

Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca

Experience the emotion of the romantic colours of a sunset on board


This experience offers the opportunity to spend an unforgettable romantic tour on board at the sunset arounf the Li Galli Island or wherever you wish.

Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca

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