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Villa Franca Hotel Positano

Acting with Responsibility

Villa Franca Positano is committed to contributing to the wellness of the community in which it operates and responsibly managing its environmental impacts and social commitments.

We have at heart our Corporate responsibility. Our values are deeply established in our culture, and sustainability implications are carefully considered with each and every decision. One of our guiding principles is "Acting with responsibility". We have been certified EMAS, ISO 9001, 14001, and GBAC Star program to direct our efforts towards the wellbeing of communities and individuals.

our commitment to sustainability

Kitchen: all equipment functions are connected to a computerized system that controls the power output for each machine. The stoves use exclusively induction heating so the surfaces can be cleaned using ozone water. We are proud that it is one of the few kitchens in the world to use products from its own Bio-Horto, completely green and zero km cuisine.

Energy efficiency: we use a condensing boiler system. By optimizing the use of energy generated by burning gas, this system offers the best CO₂ balance of any fossil fuel.

Ecological courtesy line: our courtesy line has packaging made of recyclable, cruelty-free material, thanks to the use of ingredients that respect the environment and its resources. La Bottega, our partner, produces in ICEA (Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification) certified laboratories.

Waste reduction: we have a composting system that allows us to reuse food waste as an excellent organic fertilizer for our Bio-Hortho.

Laundry: respecting the environment, guests can choose to reuse towels and bed linen during their stay. They can, however, report the need to change the linen by placing a tag, provided by us, on the bed and/or in the bathroom.

Sustainable mobility: we offer guests an electric shuttle service to and from the center of Positano, as well as electric charging stations.

Eco-sustainable products: our partners, Ecolab and Foraggio, use sustainability programs that guarantee the best practices for the management of chemical products. Foraggio uses FCW system and Ecolab participates in the Chemical Footprint project.

Bio-Horto: Our Bio-Horto enhances the authentic flavors of organic agriculture, based on green and zero-mile cuisine. In fact, in our restaurants we use products coming directly from our garden and from local suppliers who guarantee their quality

Eco-sustainable tourism: Contributing to sustainable development is a core element of HVF corporate strategy and of our core values. Guided by our mission, we promote inclusive growth and a responsible use of resources to help people and planet thrive.

Saving water resources: we have water purifiers where our Ambassadors can fill their ecological water bottles.

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